Rules of cooperation

I invite you to cooperation.

With clear rules, customers can ensure stress-free working

  • In general visual inspection and cost estimates are free of charge. This also applies to samples of different techniques. It happens that I’m collecting a preliminary fee for trips to a clients in a distance above 30 km from Szczecin. This amount is deducted from the value of the order.
  • After a phone conversation I determine which technique a client is interested in and on that basis I can bring adequate samples.
  • After the inspection and discussion I’m preparing the preliminary estimate and the samples depending on a client’s needs. These are signs of at least 60x40cm. Due to them we have reference patterns that clearly show how the technique will look on the wall.
  • After accepting the samples and estimate I settle a date.
  • I ‘m discussing logistical matters relating to the performance of work, preparation and securing premises.
  • I decree the amount of advance payment for materials, which is about 30-40% of the service. Such a solution is necessary, because for every customer I’m ordering the materials.
  • I Always keep the deadline for completion of work, which begins immediately after the preparation of all materials.
  • After a service I leave an order!