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Bathroom colors


Choosing a bathroom wall colors can be fun and interesting adventure. With the good ideas you can create an interesting atmosphere of its interior.Before deciding on a bathroom wall colors, we first need to define or select a style that will help narrow down your choice of color and painting.

Modern bathroom

The modern bathroom is a minimalist style, and uses several species of materials – glass, chrome or stainless steel accessories and porcelain tile type. In this type the colors can be bold and sharply defined.

Traditional bathroom can include floral patterns, stylized finish to wood. The size of the room and style depends on what color to emphasize the already existing values preferably. It might be a subtle color, pastel, strong or intense colors.

If you do not know your style bathroom, it is very likely that this is a traditional style. Style theme – if the bathroom is about and our guests immediately recognize the special atmosphere of entering the room. This effect is usually achieved through the coherent project, which is reflected throughout the interior of the house.

The size of the bathroom and wall color

When you are choosing the colors for your bathroom, room size is important. The amount of space determines the type of color. Small bathroom often requires lighter colors such as lavender, peach or light blue. Bright colors do not overwhelm and help create the illusion of more space.

Large bathroom – Due to the large space, is less restriction in the choice of colors. You can use bold, strong colors such as burgundy, gold, garnet

Color and lighting in a bathroom

Lighting the bathroom or wet room is different than in the kitchen or living room. The only way to know exactly how the color will look in the bathroom is to put a layer of paint on a small area. Otherwise, it is possible that peach color of your kitchen actually looks orange in the bathroom.

The best way is to buy a small sample and apply the selected color on the wall in the room. It’s good to observe it in a different times of a day, as the natural light comes and goes, of course, only if it is equipped with a bathroom window. Do not be afraid of new colors such as lavender and khaki. You might be pleasantly surprised at their newly discovered charm. Join us!

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