Advices and suggestions- painting

What color of walls to choose?

When you are deciding to choose the color of walls during the interior of our house, you should carefully consider your color elements, located inside the house. You should focus on color, furniture, tiles, curtains, windows and fireplace. For example, if the color of kitchen furniture has a red color, make sure that the paint color you want to put on will interact well with that color. Let's distinguish architectural elements by using a contrasting house paint. They may have [...] Read More

Type of paints

Types of paints Paint is a liquid, which dries to form which creates a protective layer on the surface. It consists primarily of pigments, binders, additives and solvents. Each type has its own distinctive blend of ingredients that enhance its performance for a given surface.  Pigments are small particles that provide the color. Mostly binder is a latex, vinyl, acrylic and Alkyd. Latex paint, vinyl and acrylic are composed of water as a main component.  After evaporation of the solvent [...] Read More