Advices and suggestions- bathroom

Types of the bathroom’s wall claddings

TERRACOTTA Stoneware plate with high strength and low water absorption. Terracotta is more fragile than stoneware and therefore usually we compose it on the floor. TILING We call it faience tiles. They have a low absorption . We put them on the walls. The glaze is a bit thinner than on terracotta but is fragile and also resistant to common chemicals. It has no resistance to low temperature. Laying ceramic tiles on the outside might breakthem down during the low [...] Read More

Bathroom colors

Choosing a bathroom wall colors can be fun and interesting adventure. With the good ideas you can create an interesting atmosphere of its interior.Before deciding on a bathroom wall colors, we first need to define or select a style that will help narrow down your choice of color and painting. Modern bathroom The modern bathroom is a minimalist style, and uses several species of materials - glass, chrome or stainless steel accessories and porcelain tile type. In this type the [...] Read More

A bathroom renovation

We offer a renovation - new bathroom and finish the repair or modernization of the old one. When you are deciding on the new arrangements, bathroom or wet room my suggestion is to hire a designer. The project should consider the following aspects of the new interior. For starters we opt for the heating system, then the type of wall and floor coverings, type of fittings or a bathtub, shower, toilet bowl mounting, type of lighting and shape of the [...] Read More